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About AI Readiness Index

AI Readiness Index (AIRI) is an industry-focused AI readiness assessment framework developed by AI Singapore (AISG).  It crystallises and distils the critical success factors for AI adoption based on hundreds of engagements AISG has with companies across different industries, sizes, and AI readiness.

AIRI allows business units and organisations to assess their AI readiness and identify the gap between their current and desired state, thereby enabling organisations to understand their suitable approaches to adopt AI and implement targeted programmes to increase AI readiness.

Ultimately, AIRI translates abstract concepts into concrete actions to help organisations accelerate their AI adoptions.

AIRI Components

AIRI consists of four pillars, which map to nine dimensions. 

The four pillars are interdependent and synergistic.

Organisations with strong Organisational Readiness could identify good use cases, thereby contributing to Business Value Readiness. The use cases are supported by Data Readiness with established data policies, processes, and practices to ensure accuracy, reliability, and completeness of data. Infrastructure Readiness helps to turn ideas into actions by providing the organisation with the tools and technologies to train, host, and deploy AI solutions. 

Collectively, the four main pillars of AIRI provide a holistic assessment of an organisation’s readiness to adopt AI.

Nine Dimensions of AIRI

Each dimension under the respective pillars assesses a specific area that contributes to the overall AI readiness of organisations.

AI Readiness Level of Dimensions

Each dimension has four levels of AI Readiness, from the lowest AI Unaware to the highest AI Competent. Organisations might exhibit different levels of AI Readiness across the dimensions. 

The overall AI Readiness of an organisation is determined by the rounded down average score across all dimensions. Characteristics under AI Unaware, AI Aware, AI Ready, and AI Competent get a score of 0, 1, 2, and 3, respectively.

Organisational Readiness

Organisational Readiness assesses whether the organisation has the necessary foundation to embark on AI initiatives.

Business Value Readiness

Business Value Readiness assesses whether an organisation has determined the business use case for AI adoption and the potential value it brings to the organisation.

Data Readiness

Data Readiness is about the reliability, quality, and consistency of data throughout the organisation.

Infrastructure Readiness

Infrastructure Readiness is about whether an organisation has the necessary infrastructure to support data storage, retrieval, and AI model training.

Benefits of AIRI Assessment

Understand your organisational AI Readiness

Identify gaps between current and desired capabilities

AIRI maps out the organisation’s current capabilities and enables the management to identify gaps that might impede them from reaching their goals

AISG Programmes to improve AI readiness

AIRI enables organisations to implement targeted programmes to improve their AI readiness

AIRI assessment is best done by a senior executive (e.g. General Management, Digital, IT, or Operations) who has a holistic view of the organisation 

AIRI Assessment

Curious about your organisational AI Readiness? Want to understand the appropriate AI adoption strategy and programmes that your organisation should undertake? Receive your personalised AIRI assessment report in just nine questions.