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Course Instructor:  Azmi MOHAMED RIDWAN | Senior AI Engineer | AI Industry Innovation

Course Information

AI for Students is a programme to equip our next generation of AI talents with basic programming and data skills. Through AISG’s partnership with DataCamp, students can tap on one of the best data science education platforms to learn data skills and make data fluency part of your skills.

For this course, AI Singapore has curated a special “AI 101 Track” for your learning development.  This learning journey requires access to Datacamp, AI Singapore's learning partner for Data Science. If you are a student studying in Singapore and interested in getting a free 6 month Datacamp access, please reach out to your teachers (For Secondary Schools, JCs and MI) and Student Chapters in-charge (For IHLs).

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the course, learners would gain basic programming knowledge, build basic Ai models and Data applications.

Structure Overview and Typical Completion Time

This course consist of 31 modules with 11 quizzes.

Modules under AI4S - 2.0: AI 101 TRACK closely references a specific module on DataCamp which require you to have Datacamp access.

The total estimated learning time for this course is 80 hours.

Programme Support

For content questions and technical issues, please reach out to us at our Community Group

Course License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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