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AI4E® Hands-on: HDB Resale Prices


1 December 2021
Dear Learners,
We have replaced the 2 AI for Everyone hands-on courses today (1st December 2021) to use Orange, a free and open-source data visualization, machine learning and data mining toolkit. These courses are available on the Everyone course catalog page.
Microsoft has announced the product end of line for Azure Machine Learning (Classic) for end August 2024. You can read this announcement here.
ML Studio (Classic) was used in our AI4E Hands-on courses. If you have created a ML Studio workspace prior to 1 Dec 2021, you can continue to use this platform until the product retirement. Alternatively, you can migrate to Azure Machine Learning service where the Designer feature is a direct replacement for ML Studio (Classic).
Learners who have previously completed these hands-on do not need to attempt these courses in order to maintain their badges or certificates.
Happy Learning!

Course Information

This course is a hands-on practice for AI for Everyone (AI4E)®, using Azure Machine Learning Studio.

Learning Outcomes

You will get hands-on practice on creating a machine learning model to predict HDB resale prices based on information like location and square area.

Structure Overview and Typical Completion Time

This course consists of 1 presentation.

The estimated course learning time is 45 minutes.

Programme Support

For content questions and technical issues, please reach out to us at our Community Group.

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