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AI Singapore helps companies with their real-world business problem that needs solving with an AI solution. Through our flagship industry programme 100 Experiments, we work with your company to refine your problem statement, identify AI researchers and assemble an AI engineering team to develop a production-ready AI minimum viable model within 9 to 18 months.

In this example, GIC collaborate with AISG to build a tax classification engine. The document labeling algorithm could parse a document and identify the specific tax topics it related to, as well as the geographical region that it covered. With the AI solution doing the first round of classification, GIC’s tax specialists are able to spend more time on value-added tasks such as analyzing the impact of the changes and providing expert insights. The system passed GIC user acceptance tests with 82% accuracy and its subsequent adoption by the organization led to improved performance in analyst-level classification, resulting in more streamlined workflows and greater efficiency in tax analysis.

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