AI Singapore (AISG) has launched “AI Student Outreach Programme” which aims to promote AI literacy and proficiency among students from local Secondary Schools, Integrated Programme (IP) Schools, Junior Colleges, Institutes of Technical Education, Polytechnics and Universities. This programme is supported by Singapore’s Ministry of Education (MOE).


AI Student Outreach Programme has 3 levels to suit every student’s AI learning appetite. Each level of completion offers an industry-recognized certification for students to showcase their achievements.

Through the 3 levels, the students will gain: 

  • Programming skills like Python and/or R;
  • Critical thinking skills needed to navigate and adapt to the changing world; and
  • Practical experience and knowledge in AI projects.

Level 1 promotes self-directed learning leading to the Literacy in AI Certification.

Literacy in AI Certification

ObjectiveTo introduce learners into the world of Machine Learning and explore the topic of ethics in AI
ModulesAI Basics (Machine Learning for Everyone), AI Ethics, Hands-on Practice (Orange)
Estimated duration5 hours
Learning Resources
  • Self-directed learning (online)
  • Access to AISG Community Groups to support students’ learning
  • Access to Ask-Me-Anything sessions to support students’ learning, networking and career development
Recommended Pre-LearningAI for Everyone (AI4E)®
Certificate issuedAI for Industry (AI4I)® – Literacy in AI Certificate


  • Full-time students currently enrolled in local Secondary Schools, IP Schools, Junior
    Colleges, Institutes of Technical Education,
    Polytechnics and Universities
  • Full-time National Servicemen (NSF)


  • Applications open all year round.
  • Form a student user group (SUG) with a minimum of 10 members from the same institution. New members can be added subsequently.
  • Join this student-initiated Telegram Group if you need partners to form an SUG or join an existing one:
  • Minimum of 70% of members must be Singapore Citizens (SC) and/or Singapore Permanent Residents (SPR).
  • For NSF, form a group of at least 10 NSF, of which at least 70% have received an offer letter for the next level of education (from a university, polytechnic, or ITE). Maximum of 30% of the members may provide Letters of Intent in lieu of the offer letters.
  • SUG members to sign up for a LearnAI account here.
  • SUG leader to register the SUG here.
  • SUG leader can add student members to the existing SUG by completing the same registration form. Do remember to indicate a (2) at the back of the SUG name, e.g., LearnAIGroup (2). For each additional member’s submission, the numbering (2) stays the same.
  • SUG leader and members MUST use their school email address.
    Note: NSF may use their personal email address.


  • AISG will provide reimbursement for workshops organized by SUG*.  Up to 2 workshops per calendar year and capped at $100 per workshop (inclusive of GST). Please read carefully the list of claimable items, supporting documents and other requirements in the Programme Handbook.
    * Subjects to approval.

Find more details in the Programme Handbook.

Level 2 promotes self-directed learning leading to the Foundations in AI Certification.

Foundations in AI Certification


To help learners understand and use AI appropriately and be able to program basic AI and data applications in Python.


Introduction to Python, Libraries and Data Manipulation, Exploratory Data Analysis, Statistical Thinking, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Deep Learning, Other Programming Languages and Tools to Learn, and Data Science and AI in the Real World.

Estimated duration

140 hours

Learning Resources

  • Self-directed learning (online)
  • Access to AISG Community Groups to support students’ learning.
  • Access to monthly Ask-Me-Anything sessions to support students’ learning, networking and career development.


Literacy in AI Certification (Level 1)

Certificate issued

AI for Industry (AI4I)® – Foundations in AI Certificate


  • Only for SUG members.
  • Must have completed Literacy in AI Certification (Level 1).


  • Applications open all year round.
  • SUG leader to apply on behalf of the SUG members.
  • Minimum of 10 SUG members for the first application. New members can be added subsequently.
  • SUG leader will receive a notification that the complimentary coupon codes have been distributed to the eligible members. SUG leader to inform eligible members on the availability of the coupon codes on their individual LearnAI accounts. Validity of coupon code is 1 month, starting from the form submission date.
  • SUG members will use the 100% discount coupon code to purchase the Foundations in AI course.
  • SUG members will get the DataCamp access code in their invoice to upgrade their DataCamp free account to premium account to have access to the content required.
  • Click here to proceed to level 2 form if you have at least 10 members completed the Literacy in AI course for the first submission. There is no minimal need for subsequent level 2 form submission.


  • SUG members will receive complimentary access to the Foundations in AI course.

Find more details in the Programme Handbook.

3 to 6 months paid internship with AISG in collaboration with sponsoring partners where successful applicants will work alongside AISG’s AI engineers and AI apprentices on real-world industry projects with deployment deliverables.

Internship opportunities are subjected to the availability and Terms and Conditions of sponsoring partners.

Current Opening – The Centre for Strategic Infocomm Technologies (CSIT)


  • Only for Singapore Citizen students enrolled in universities.


  • Application period will be announced on AISG website, social media and via emails to eligible students.
  • Students will submit the application form with their Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer Certificate, CV and other supporting documents.
  • Successful applicants will be shortlisted for interviews with AISG.


  • Interns will be paid up to S$2,000 monthly stipends, subjected to CSIT’s terms and conditions.

There will be more internship opportunities offered by other sponsoring partners with different requirements (such as citizen requirements, education levels etc)

National AI Student Challenge

The annual challenge brings together SUG members and full-time students from local schools to come up with new and innovative uses of Artificial Intelligence. Participation is optional and does not affect the eligibility of students applying for Level 2 and 3 and the AI Internship Program. 

Through this event, we hope to encourage: 

  • Critical and creative thinking skills needed to navigate and adapt to the changing world 
  • Increase the awareness of current and possible future issues of the use of AI 
  • Increase applications of AI technology 
  • Active involvement in shaping their future using AI technology 

The winning teams will receive prizes from AI Singapore. 

More details will be announced nearer to the date of the challenge.

Find more details in the Programme Handbook.

Click here to download the Programme Handbook.

Click here for FAQ.

Participating Entities

  • Anderson Serangoon Junior College
  • Anglican High School
  • Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
  • Catholic High School
  • CHI St. Joseph’s Convent
  • Chung Cheng High School (Yishun)
  • Commonwealth Secondary School
  • Crescent Girls’ School
  • Dunman High School
  • Fuhua Secondary School
  • Hwa Chong Institution
  • Jurongville Secondary School
  • Methodist Girls’ School
  • Montfort Secondary School
  • Nanyang Junior College
  • National Junior College
  • Ngee Ann Secondary School
  • NUS High School of Math & Science
  • Peicai Secondary School
  • Raffles Girls’ School
  • Raffles Institution
  • River Valley High School
  • School of Science & Technology,
  • Singapore
  • Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
  • St Joseph lnstitution
  • St Patrick’s School
  • Tampines Meridian Junior college
  • Temasek Junior College
  • Temasek Secondary School
  • Victoria Junior College
  • Victoria School
  • Westwood Secondary School
  • Yishun Town Secondary School
  • Yuying Secondary School
  • Zhonghua Secondary School
  • National University of Singapore
  • Nanyang Technological University
  • Singapore Management University
  • Singapore University of Technology & Design
  • Singapore Institute of Technology
  • Singapore University of Social Sciences
  • National Institute of Education
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • University of Oxford
  • Singapore Polytechnic
  • Ngee Ann Polytechnic
  • Nanyang Polytechnic
  • Temasek Polytechnic
  • Republic Polytechnic
  • ITE College Central
  • ITE College East
  • ITE College West
  • Full-time National Servicemen (NSF/SAF)
  • Chinese Development Assistance Council
  • BuildingBloCS
  • Singapore Youth AI
  • TechOverflow

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