Are you thinking about how to prepare your students for an AI future? What knowledge and skills do they need, and how you can supplement your curriculum with the latest learning resources on AI, machine learning and data analytics?

Here you can find practicums developed and curated by us and our industry partners. These micro-courses are self-paced and require no installation of software. A comprehensive skills development track for data fluency is also available under the AI for Students (AI4S) program. Check them out!

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AI for Students (AI4S) (Educators)

⚠️ Effective 30 November 2023, the DataCamp Classroom service assisted by AI Singapore will no longer be available.

Educators may directly request from DataCamp for access to DataCamp Classroom (subject to revision in T&Cs by DataCamp).

For more details, please Visit DataCamp Classrooms: An Overview – Support | DataCamp.