Are you thinking about how to prepare your students for an AI future? What knowledge and skills do they need, and how you can supplement your curriculum with the latest learning resources on AI, machine learning and data analytics?

Here you can find practicums developed and curated by us and our industry partners. These micro-courses are self-paced and require no installation of software. A comprehensive skills development track for data fluency is also available under the AI for Students (AI4S) program. Check them out!

Interested in learning more? Join the Teacher Work Attachment Plus (TWA+) Programme @ AI Singapore – an AI #PLUSskilling Programme for Teachers to gain literacy in AI, increase efficacy in adopting AI solutions to enrich students’ learning and encourage AI pilots to start in schools and classrooms. Click here for further details.

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AI for Students (AI4S) (Educators)

⚠️ Effective 30 November 2023, the DataCamp Classroom service assisted by AI Singapore will no longer be available.

Educators may directly request from DataCamp for access to DataCamp Classroom (subject to revision in T&Cs by DataCamp).

For more details, please Visit DataCamp Classrooms: An Overview – Support | DataCamp.

AI for Students (AI4S) is a programme to provide learning resources to students via their educators. Educators from MOE public schools can tap on AISG’s partnership with Datacamp to leverage on their learning platform to support their teaching and make data fluency part of the students’ learning journey.  Educators can select courses from Datacamp and provide them as FREE learning materials to their students with a 6-months renewable access.

  • Access to Core Content (DataCamp)
  • Track each student’s progress in detail
  • Create Assignments, auto-grading and set deadlines
  • Access to Administrator’s Dashboard
  • Manage User Roles & Permissions
  • Access to Customer Support Team via Live Chat

Educators can refer to the following webpages and lists for reference when filling up the application form below

Courses :
Skill Tracks:
Career Tracks :

AI Singapore’s recommended DataCamp modules for basics in data science:

1. Introduction to Python
2. Python Data Science Toolbox (Part1)
3. Introduction to Git for Data Science
4. Introduction to Shell for Data Science
5. Introduction to SQL for Data Science
6. Intermediate Python for Data Science
7. Supervised Learning with Scikit-learn

*Access 300+ courses on DataCamp (excluding Tableau, Power BI, and Oracle content)

Educator : Existing teacher of a government/government-aided secondary schools and Post-Secondary Education Institutes (PSEI) based in Singapore

  1. Enrollment Complete the application form below.  The course start date should be at least 2 weeks from the date of application. Please ensure you have an existing Datacamp account prior to application submission. If you do not have a DataCamp account yet, please register for a free account at this link.
  2. Approval AI Singapore will verify your application.  Applicant will receive notification in 2 weeks’ time.
  3. Success Access to your DataCamp group account from the start date of the course.
AI4S (For Educators Only)

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AI Singapore Goes To School

AI Singapore is excited to announce “AI Singapore Goes to School,” a 2-hour learning session where we will introduce students to the basics of AI and its applications, such as ChatGPT.

  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Venue : Your school
  • Topics :
    • Introduction to AI & Machine Learning
    • Fundamentals of AI Ethics
    • Applications (ie. ChatGPT)
  • Certificate : Upon completion, participants will receive AI4I® – Literacy in AI certificates issued by AI Singapore
  • Trainer : AI Singapore’s AI Engineer (Courseware)
  • Cost : Free

With AI progressing at an unprecedented rate, it is vital for our students and educators to stay current and prepared for the future.

For bookings or questions about the learning session, please contact

Note: This initiative is an extension of the AI Student Outreach Programme, which is supported by MOE. The list of participating schools and institutions can be found on the website.