Are you too young to learn about AI? Definitely not! The past few years has seen rapid advances in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Technologies such as autonomous vehicles, personal assistants (e.g. Siri, Google Home, Alexa) and smart homes have now become a reality and are no longer just seen in Science Fiction movies.

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and will continue to feature heavily in the future. So even if your ambition is to become a doctor, teacher or firefighter knowing what AI is and what it can or cannot do will only help you in your work.

For Students (13 years old and above) – AI Student Outreach Programme encourages students to form Student User Groups (SUG) to promote AI literacy and experiment with our open-source AI tools  ‘AI BRICKS’ to develop solutions for their schools and real-world needs.  In addition, SUG members will gain exposure to AI practitioners, engineers and companies (including government agencies) who are deploying real-world AI solutions.

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