I have received my course redemption code. How can I activate it?

Step 1
Log in to your existing LearnAI account.
Note: Please complete AI4I® – Literacy in AI as a prerequisite to enrolling in AI4I® –
Foundations in AI
Step 2
Please ensure you are signed in to your LearnAI account to proceed to the coupon code
redemption page here. Click on the button “Redeem and enrol to AI4I® – Foundations in AI”.

Step 3
At the checkout page, please use the complimentary coupon code provided to offset the full cost
of AI4I® – Foundations in AI. Do take note of the coupon code expiry date.

Step 4
Upon applying the coupon code, the amount will be stated as $0.00. Please scroll down to read
and accept the terms & conditions and proceed to “Place Order” to complete the order.
Step 5
Once placing the order, an overview of the order is shown. Click on “Go to My Account” to start
learning the Foundations in AI course. Do take note that the Foundations in AI content will only
be accessible if the pre-requisite course, Literacy in AI is completed.

NOTE: The course comes with a complimentary 1 year DataCamp subscription
Refer to https://learn.aisingapore.org/docs/how-do-i-redeem-the-datacamp-premium-access/ for FAQs on
DataCamp redemption.

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